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Join Khabib in owning part

of MMA Global for as

little as $50








Join Khabib in owning part

of MMA Global for as

little as $50






Join Khabib in owning part

of MMA Global for as

little as $50


Become a part of MMA Global now

You can use traditional currency, credit/debit, or cryptocurrency.
$50 investment available to people outside the US.

MMA Global offers studio-based Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events to satisfy the exploding global demand for MMA fights and combat sport content. MMA Global’s fights take place in studios with a live audience and get streamed live to millions of fans worldwide via Pay Per View (PPV) or monthly subscriptions. With MMA Global’s league model for MMA fights, fans and fighters benefit from more fights, a longer season, and transparent rules and regulations for the whole MMA industry.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the undefeated UFC lightweight champion, is a shareholder in MMA Global, and as the company’s ambassador he is excited about the opportunity to bring his leadership to this new venture. He is an inspiration for millions of MMA fans and a role model for the youth in the Muslim community and global MMA enthusiasts. Now all fans have an opportunity to be a part of this new venture.



MMA was the fastest growing global sport in 2019.

Since MMA fights are currently staged in large venues, it limits the number of possible MMA competitions overall. There are less fights for up-and-coming MMA fighters to compete in and not enough MMA content for fans to watch.

In addition, without a league format, the MMA industry generates a limited amount of revenue. Compare this to soccer where there are nine leagues that each generate billions of dollars per year.


"I am the undefeated MMA world champion! I am excited to be a part of MMA Global and offer all my experience to the company to discover, train and promote new MMA fighters."

- Khabib Nurmagomedov



MMA Global will organize a significant number of fights in its own studios that can accommodate live audiences and will stream the fights live via PPV and subscriptions. This gives MMA fans the opportunity to watch more fights on their mobile devices anywhere in the world. The increased number of MMA Global fights also gives more fighters the chance to compete, and the MMA Global studios will provide training facilities and coaching for existing and aspiring MMA fighters.

MMA Global will also bring the league format to combat sports, similar to the NBA or soccer, with a regular season, playoffs and championships, and full transparency including formal rules and officiating. The first studio location will be in Miami followed by the launch of its main facility in the heart of Times Square, New York.



Investment Opportunity

Be a part of MMA Global's success

MMA Global Holdings Corp. is offering MMA fans the opportunity to join Khabib in owning part of this company through the purchase of securities offered by seriesOne. Anyone outside the USA can become an investor in MMA Global for as little as $50 using either traditional currency (dollars, Euros, etc.) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum).

The investment process is easy:

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  • Step 3: Make your investment


Khabib Nurmagomedov is Brand Ambassador and major shareholder in MMA Global Group Inc., a subsidiary of MMA Global Holdings Corp. Mr. Nurmagomedov will receive financial and equity compensation in connection with his promotional and marketing efforts.

In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the Company, and the subsidiaries, and the terms of the offerings, including the merits and risks involved. An investment in the Company is highly speculative in nature and involves substantial risk. Those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest.


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